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the kissed and found.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Dancing Around with such impossibles.. [26 Apr 2006|08:42am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

well its nice to know that ever one is collecting there sadness with such prepared crys and lightly takein conversations ..see me i need not the woven comfort that lies within your wounded eyes and Lovely Statments ...its not that i dont touch establishment with sarcastic impossibles...
its that i tuch arrangements with Arrogance,, ... O ya and i am allways Undeserving but allways sympathetic to the fact of allways being right,,.. i mean i love Dancing Around your grave with the telephone cord wrapped around my heart ,,, ..well all i have to say is that when resopnsibility is properly added
to the demanded of suggested Sadness
we all appear with the fucking door

"take a seat and eat your difference of opinion"
....ya know make u feel right at home.. make you so Nice ...(:

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rich silence [13 May 2005|04:28am]
she moves of a rich silence
and old willoed eyes
she could hand you, your
madness and tech you of time
. voice of my child voice of
my lie dance with my world
and weep with the empty sky..
tast my blood backwards,
tast then go die .....
as the rich silence keep's
runing a tear from my eye....
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burn out [08 May 2005|12:19pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I told her... This will break -like 1,000
glass windows, waiting for acceptance.
Then with my eyes, we started trading confessions.
We'd put our trigger in places better left for this Question>
Do you love me?...
Do you love me?!!!
And if so... Let go.
We are jumping thru each and every window.
feeling each and every cut rip our acceptance
in and out as razor blade endings cut this picture out.
Now you know what this lovely silence is all about.
As my dead Fucking eyes burn the sun and burn right out.

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der,years... [28 Feb 2005|03:09am]
[ mood | do you have one ]

(der) (eric)

i have this washed face
and the sun toward the sky..
i am on the roof now
looking with my eyes..
i wrote these lines
washed face and all.
i drank that pen
like a poet...

(der,years to late)

i rocked shut bone bye bone
cloth by cloth ash by ash ..
with you still pokeing at
the pasted
these knees give out
this back hold's everthing..
i am execptionally well with
dieing years to late
intell then i am keeping up with faith..
depending on the light or the
gentle day my mind has become my grave
and now i am comeing back
up and out of this book
in your air just to upset
the dark blood stained suite you still fucking where.
look i am your lady your tongue twisting poet
all is what i am and you did not no it..
let's take this dance in are vaines
lets let in rush right toward your brain..
now baby, my love step on back close like a door
let your blood fill this floor..

as i drink the last of my pen
i utter
say no more
say no more...

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infinity is filled with feeling [24 Feb 2005|09:50am]
[ mood | guilty ]

standing like the dead cotten feeling's
between us..the night fumbles empty glass
around this talking but in this fanning air
i blow so quite i blow so there.......
finally i have took this bag of an
empty Stare ..the city looks so softly
from this smirking Street ..then with her
words ,we will see,yes,we will see,..
with this pen i drew some words that
made light flee ..the park bench
holds such purpose dead like me
only waiting for day light to leave
what will be ...then as the sun
came up i set the time one step ahead of me.
now and forever riding with infinity
you should be happy i have left the lees of me..

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danceing with words.. [22 Feb 2005|05:02am]
[ mood | jealous ]

in the dark i drip
like a standing whisper.
only holding on to
her ruffling hair. yes i
promise dazed eye's had took me there..
back to the front and in toward the heart,
here we go ageain with the hopelessness
that had made this all start.as she colored
my cheeks red and far apart ..
now i wonder will remembering
you whisper in toward my heart..
as i end this love letter by
braking your heart..

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[17 Feb 2005|12:53am]
[ mood | crushed ]

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[16 Feb 2005|03:06am]
[ mood | working ]

date 2-16-05 time 2:30am

its late and she is my understood cup of coffey
and i am her stranger in the black light of night ...
looking in the glass and out her window
danceing like a passed out picture she is
craking sound and triping on time...
she is yelling all that hadn't been so
sick held my heart like a burning wick ..
mister stranger where is the
light !!! then i cryed i am ending
the night with street light corners and
afternoon eyes .. ill be back tomorrow
dressed in passed out time ....................

date 2-17-05 time 2:30am

it is late and there is no time
i ran to the stop light
and ran wishing to find
the girl with bars on her heart
and enough in here eyes....
the sun come's up erley here
there is no time ..then i ran on by the
moon light pass by the sky...
looking for my tear's and looking
at the time ... i found a note cut from her mind......
now all i have is 2:30 and a dark place in green lime
as i put the night to bed by ignoring the line..........
i never was trying to feel so fine ..........
and this is the picture you will find

: :
: :
: :

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a pledge to the flag [11 Feb 2005|08:03am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

today the movement is all to true
.. While the cars play color
and the rain drips night
somewhere there is reasons
somewhere there is right
My actions will Kick my leg's
and my hand will take this pen
Onto the stage here we go
my firend ... walk this way
dont be always right nor
always rong just sing realy sad
and thay will sing along...
then lie when you talk
mislead thay will walk
you are mister fucking president talk talk talk....

lie after lie you promess a lot ...

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all that's important [08 Feb 2005|01:58am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

all that's important
she made this up!!!!!!!!!!!!
all that's important
never pulled me up !!!!!!!!!!
all that's important
made me what ?????????????
all that's important
was allways good
at Giving Up!!!!!!!

good night all that's important
and good day all that never ment a fucking thing!!!!!!!!!

i am burning her eye's with gasoline!!!!!!!!

sleep miss important ,,sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i am sorrey dont start [31 Jan 2005|01:28pm]
[ mood | working ]

may i take the sunlight for the next day
close my eyes and say,, i am the dream in
the dream i call color..but when the words
come out and the eyes look behind
and when the ears can here. i am the
voice of surprise..now if you come this way i
would only make you say
something for a long time so goodbye as i,,
i colored the ulgy of washington
in her eyes and the december
befor winter in her heart
now i am the hour that is allmost up for loneyness
and the excuses of happyness
.. i am red i am blue i am
yellow black and blue.. most of all i am
what thay couldn't be for you ..
the rain bleed's color and the
time is up the next day wont come
for this speaker i call a heart..
but i will allways take hold of
what mad this start ..the time is up
for i am sorry dont start

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but its never over!!!! [31 Jan 2005|04:02am]
[ mood | touched ]

then i ran and there was love rain and all that had some saved
color..!!! i found my fack face and my fack heart on the ground
..!!!once more i was a fucking let down
and as i look at the sun i find the relationship
with my eyes fack so i star o i star till my eyes
burn out!!! now i am runing, i am runing so far ..
happy and currently lost!!! for once in this
love i had found a happyness and for once
i had made a goodbye with out an ending
and then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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starting over with acceptance.... [31 Jan 2005|02:29am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

tast some more, tell some lie's
love this free, feel this fine ..
fell the park bench that was never sat in,,
sleep the day and sleep the night
enter the hangovers of becoming
right..but na na lets start this over,,
ya lets start this over..
there i am, back where the clouds are
allways crying,..i am quick strong and good at lieing
i am true to myself and true to
my eyes evertime i close them i am runing..
everetime i open them i am still ..
i was never what you wanted..
only a younger secret,finding its way in
the veins of time ..
so i am a lawyer for my one day
sleep over called love....
i have filled this bag to last
however far my busy eyes will take me..i am on the road
runing deciding what i should
color next.mabey some emotional expectations
or y not some acceptance.i will keep
scratching this attached
occasion.then mabey i will look
like shit, mabey i will look me
but a man once told me in the rain
no one is who thay whant to be ..
so as i color this road and as i close
my eyes i will run !!,, i will run !!,, i will run !!,,,

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if you [27 Jan 2005|01:46am]
[ mood | drunk ]

if the moon"s looking at you i am crossing the rain
... if the mail's not open your in need to feel pain
and if your eye's need some rubing you should be
ready to pay. Baby i dont love you enough to walk
away..so dreame me some music dreame something
dizzy. then suggest the sunset with a mouse trap
just dont tell the moon where to escape..
so we can kill the love we will come to rape..
kiss my hand then bite your hate
like a Land we had once new ...
full of which road you will take..

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[24 Jan 2005|01:38pm]
[ mood | pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ]

She looked into the mirror, and watched it quietly shatter into hundreds of pieces. She felt her heart drop at the ugliness she saw upon the few hundred pieces that were left upon the floor...She lifted up the mirror, piece by piece, and slowly tried to put it back together. Each piece she lifted, told another part of her story.
She looked into the first few pieces of the mirror, and with each piece, she only saw her eyes, and with each piece, the tear was slowly leaving her eye, and falling down her cheek. She couldnt feel a tear fall but thats what she was seeing
She looked into a few more pieces as she lifted them carefully to place them with the rest, and with each piece she looked at, a smile was fading from her face, and she could still see the tear sliding slowly down her cheek.
As she lifted up a few more pieces, each piece showed more of her face, beginning with her eyes; Red from crying, circles, and black. Mascara tears slide slowly, as she feels like each tear that's shed is a piece of her already broken heart.
As she completed the puzzle of her broken mirror, she felt like her life was leaving the palm of her hands as she placed each piece carefully back to its place. When she finally finished, she saw as each piece showed a part of her life...Starting from when she was born.
As the mirror went on she watched as she grew up, going from skinned knees walking to school by herself chasing the boys, making new friends. Learning how to read and write. And adventually bringing her towards parent separations, moving, losing friends, broken hearts
Her last row of the mirror, she looked closely at, and payed special attention as she watched her life play slowly...She saw herself taking a blade, and digging it deeply into her wrist as she cried herself to death...But then she just saw a hand being held out to her by what could help her future be put back together
You cant fix your problems by letting yourself get hurt but you can help the stress by hurting yourself Those were her words to him as she felt herself dig deeper until she could not go anymore.
She lifted up the mirror piece by piece, and placed it in a garbage bag. She still saw the tears, and she still saw herself as she grew up through the tears, the lies, smiles laughter cheating herself using herself and the fake smiles she managed to put on every day for so many years of her life

As she placed the final piece into the bag, she looked closely at the pieces as they shimmered from the light reflecting on the bag...Maybe shell just go on another day and pray it ends soon

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a diner for the broken hearted [23 Jan 2005|11:01am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

tons of eyebrows and tons of late night lookers
passing by. Then as i sit there, the girl with the
pasted heart and the plaster eyes and the red lipstick
stared through an idealistic memorey of the still frames
that sat her heart to rest, and sat her cigarete in her
chest.The red lipstick blew kisses and the pale shin with
her blonde hair and the late night diner and its pale stare
old pie, cookie crumbs and all, a man sweeping off the floor
back and forth to the wall. An unrealistic dream flowed through
a hall. "memories" that stood so tall. The blonde hair red lipstick
and all, my memories breaking for the girl that loves me true,but
she'll never know, how far i threw my heart up on this diner floor
the fools were eating it off, taping it up, but raping the secenry
around them and telling the truth to the thirsty eyes that stood
before me, i felt so arrogant lying there so innocent and all
when the girl with the blonde hair took her hands and feel on them
all.. chocking and ripping this ending is bad like them all.
This is the ending and heres how it goes.
a ripped heart some ripped clothes the crossed out eyes the smell
of a rose, the lipstick so red it burnt holes in his clothes a dirty
boy, a dirty girl, a dirty mind and some 12o'clock time. ripping their hair
drinking their wine, this is the end, she said goodbye

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impossible [19 Jan 2005|12:56am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

one night drenched in love could end this all
practical rain fell in a hall thunder storm ending's with nowhere
to crawl...toothpaste so fine it fucked with us all ..this kid
fliped out everday he would fall.. i loved my home now im chained
to this wall .. fucking good morning from the big man he would call..
in this world i feel so small as i bang my head off this wall
this is good night this is all there is no happyendings
when a pill helps you fall....

to krissy and jess i now how you feel

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you are currently ded in my memories [11 Jan 2005|07:50am]
[ mood | crappy ]

the time is 7:30 and there is a good hopelessness in the feelings
i have come to experience and a somewhat humbly sadness...
offering my branch of ability to upset your allready hert
willingness.. there is some resentment here and some belief
that all you have is what you will forget ..then i told her
all there is and all there ever was.. never promised me and you
a hope in hell..hammering her excuses with a satisfied answer
i live to forget. the feeling's just ran into a drinkers sunset..
then she sat there the idea of desperately in need baffled her
way out .. so as time took its tast of the problems the leaves fell in autom
and my kiss rained out for the girl dressed in red cotton..
i loved that girl its just to bad she cryed to be forgotten..
i bet you will say i really tasted something rotten
but her love will never be forgotten....

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under 21 sad fucking style [06 Jan 2005|06:37am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

you have the poster i have the eyes
she has the pictures of you on her guy..
then with this i will
say fuck all Depression!!
as i rap you around this
sad fucking Smile..
i will Destroy the sound
of love for some style..
fuck all the ter's i would only
make a pile..a sad fucking kid
make's a sad fucking style..
so let us all get drunk
and drive to dnial..

ter by ter a sad fucking style...

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you will never told [24 Dec 2004|01:58pm]
[ mood | worried ]

red like her lipstick and
red like her dress..i never
told you how much this will
matter non the less.danceing
on the hook's of a crow's
nest..i felt her less
and less.. all i am hopeing for
is non the less ...
forever danceing it took her best..
falling in love we never told the rest....

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